Burn and Pediatric Mass Casualty Incident Response

It was great to finally have an exercise in person today held by the TN Department of Health. We had a wide variety of community representatives from areas like acute care, emergency response, and health departments. This was a well thought out and executed tabletop exercise that provided attendees a chance to think outside the box to come up with unique answers to a tragic situation. Having a diverse group of healthcare workers truly allowed us to find potential pitfalls or barriers to providing emergency care to injured individuals.

Partnership With the Chattanooga Homeless Coalitions

At the Southeast Regional Healthcare Coalition we believe that providing proper emergency supplies too low to no income seniors, along with the rest of the homeless population, can help reduce the need for ER visits. We also believe that with greater community involvement we can help reach a broader range of community members. That’s why we have partnered with the Chattanooga Homeless Coalitions and their Regional Operations Center to help provide the homeless population with Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kits. The SERHC was able to provide the Homeless Coalition with a total of 157 kits and will help provide individuals with much needed relief in emergent situations. Thanks to all those who came out to lend a helping hand unloading and storing the kits.

2021 National healthcare coalition preparedness conference

The conference this year was a wonderful experience full of innovative speakers and had great organizations providing solutions to healthcare emergencies. The grounds of the Omni at Champions Resort in Orlando provided a spectacular backdrop for the event. A wealth of information was provided by the expert panels and was possible because of a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Thank you to all those involved in running this excellent conference and we can’t wait for 2022.

The SERHC Newest Acquisitions

One of our goals at the SERHC is to help provide protection for the healthcare workers who provide lifesaving care for our community. With that goal in mind the SERHC has purchased more 3m Versaflo Respiratory systems to help protect front line healthcare workers. We have also purchased a number of medical surge field cots to help our local hospitals deal with the extraordinary amount of patients they are treating in this unprecedented time.

New Equipment For Regional Healthcare

September 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic the SERHC has continued to supply healthcare facilities with the lifesaving equipment needed to provide quality healthcare throughout our region. One of our newest acquisitions where the Vaoptherm respiratory care units, a system that provides treatment for undifferentiated respiratory distress with one single tool.

Training for Disasters

In an effort to keep our Region prepared for disasters we practice real life disaster scenarios, this process helps to keep our front line responders and the public  prepared to deal with adverse events.

Here are a few photos of a Mock bus wreck drill that was held in the Chattanooga area. We would like to thank the children, responders and the make-up artists for making the injuries and event look real.